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Club members got together on Saturday 21 July to lay out the AstroTurf¬† purchased some time ago…

Marking out

Making a start

Making progress



The Clubman Aerobatic Competition was held on Saturday 25 August. There were few entries despite the near perfect conditions. This year there was a slight change to the scoring ,in that ,there were 3 rounds run. The two highest scoring rounds only counted to the final result. This seemed to work very well and was more fair. Two rounds were flown, a coffee break then the final round.

Although this meant a lot more extra work for Judge Peter L and Chief Scribe/Scorer Peter L. May I thank these two for their tireless work for a good part of the afternoon. Without their work there would not have been a competition. Great work and thank you both.

Competition Results:

  1. Mike T, 289pts
  2. Peter S, 286pts
  3. Kingsley M,250pts
  4. Ted P,195pts

If you would like to have a go at any competition, please do , its only a bit of fun. Maybe you might win one!